“Discover one of Europe’s most important megalithic sites near Granada”

It’s a remarkable landscape that is worlds away from the quintessential image of southern Spain, of white washed villages with geranium covered balconies. Traveling a little further north east from the badlands takes you to an awesome gorge, carved by the River Gor, fed by the icy waters of the Sierra de Baza. Yet this impressive gorge isn’t the only reason to come here; it’s also one of Europe’s most important megalithic sites, with over 240 ‘dolmens’ hidden amongst the terraces and shelves of the ravine. Dolmens are the iconic ‘stone table’ type funeral chambers that feature a huge slab of stone positioned on upright stones. Grouped together in necropolises, these make for a fascinating hike along the gorge. During the 3rd millennium BC early farming communities lived in this area and were buried in a series of collective tombs that remain today. Many have been destroyed over the centuries by farming, but others remain, some clearly identifiable, protected by their isolated positions on small outcrops of land along the gorge. The nearby village of Gorafe has a Megalithic Interpretation Centre whose design mimics that of a subterranean dolmen. Even if you’re not into history, a visit up here is worthwhile – it’s glorious hiking country, and there’s plenty of wildlife.

Megalithic route of Guadix, Granada
Megalithic route of Guadix, Granada
Megalithic route of Guadix, Granada
Megalithic route of Guadix, Granada
Megalithic route of Guadix, Granada

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