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Our history

Over the years, there are more and more ways to communicate countries, tourism continues to grows in many parts of the world, however, it is increasingly difficult to discover in a sincere way the way of life, culture and history of the places that we visit. Espíritu Travel came about from the union of cultures, values ​​and experiences, that of an American and a Spaniard. Two people who have discovered the new and the old continents through the eyes of each other.

Who is behind Espíritu Travel?

Karin Eckhard

New Hampshire, EEUU

Although born and raised in New Hampshire, I have had the fortune to live in places as diverse as Vail, Colorado; Salzburg, Austria; London and in a small village…

Eduardo Moratalla

Madrid, Spain

Communicating the essence of a country is not easy.
As a native of Madrid, I have been working on creating and communicating the best of Spain. There is a huge difference between…

Marina Courtaut

Marina Courtaut

Madrid, Spain

I am Spanish by birth but my father is from France so my heart is always divided. My passion for traveling came from my parents, who have shared their trips around the world with me…

Local office in Spain

Spain is a country full of history, culture, festivals, a diversity of outstanding landscapes, and some of the world’s best cuisine. However,  it is also a country that receives more than 70 million tourists per year, which means that for many visitors, they will not have the opportunity to get to know the country in depth.  The partners of the Espíritu Travel still spend a great deal of time between the two countries, managing both the US and Madrid based offices- In this way, we are not only able to create an authentic trip but we are able to keep up to date as to the latest interesting and unique experiences available. From our local office, we are able to respond quickly to any need, and it is allows us to offer the visitor access beyond the the typical sites and experiences.

Our Principles

Authentic and Real Experiences

See sunrise from the only hotel that is located in the Alhambra, enjoy an exclusive wine tasting with an oenologist in their own vineyards, discover the history of olive oil in Seville, get to know the feudal castles, follow the Don Quijote route, live the history of the Romans in Spain, learn how to prepare a paella from a Valencian grandmother, follow in the footsteps of Gaudi in Barcelona, ​​go into the marshes of Doñana to watch birds. Authentic experiences at the hands of local people who want to share their culture and way of life.

Responsible Travel

When we talk about responsible travel, it really means, responsible live. We are aware that we are part of a human community of 7,000 million people, all different and equal at the same time. We need to live together, share and help each other. The opportunity to travel is the time to share with those who are farther away, their way of life, their customs, their culture and their heritage. Our responsibility to them is to help them to be able to maintain their way of life and their wealth thanks to our travels. Create a positive impact thanks to Spirit Travel travelers anywhere in the world we travel.

Espíritu travel

US head office:
32a Stonehouse Lane Keene, NH 03431

Email: info@espiritutravel.com

Spain office:
Paseo Marqués Monistrol, 7 3º izquierda.
28011 Madrid, Spain.

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